Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors Los Angeles

Smoke detectors save lives and are thankfully a requirement in all residential and commercial buildings in Los Angeles. Smoke detectors need to be hard wired into a home. If you are a large commercial building project or are simply a homeowner that needs smoke detectors hard wired, call Arizona Electrical Solutions of Los Angeles. Our electrical company will make sure your smoke detectors are installed and working properly.

It is important to note that even though smoke alarms are hardwired, the batteries still need to be changed. If you have heard a smoke alarm with a battery that is dying, you know what it sounds like and will likely never forget it. Smoke alarms make a loud and sometimes startling beeping sound when the battery starts to die. It is important to change the battery right away when you hear a battery dying in a smoke detector. If there is a fire it and the smoke alarm starts going off with a weakened battery, it may be a quieter alarm, or it may not sound off for very long. If you have just rented a new place or bought a home, you should check the smoke detector batteries before spending a single night in your new place. Some smoke detectors on the same circuit will not relay a signal to the next smoke detector if a battery is dead in one of the detectors. Checking batteries in your smoke detector can save a life.

Call Arizona Electrical Solutions of Los Angeles for all of your smoke detector installation needs. We look forward to helping you stay safe.

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