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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Los Angeles

Arizona Electrical Solutions of Los Angeles is the best company in Los Angeles to hire for landscape lighting design, installation and repair.


There are plenty of landscapers that offer landscape lighting services. Some of them do a pretty good job of installing landscape lighting. However, a licensed electrician will be able to install landscape lighting in a manner that ensures the lighting will continue to work for an extended period of time. When landscape lighting fails it is usually due to poor quality wire splicing. When an improperly sealed wire is exposed to the elements it will cause the electrical wiring to fail. During the installation process, properly sealing the electrical wiring is imperative.

Additionally, knowledge of how electrical systems work is also important. Without the proper electrical know-how, a person will not be able to compensate for things like “voltage drop”. Landscape lighting is most often run on a single circuit. Each light along the electrical circuit may cause what is called “voltage drop.” The voltage being used by one light will cause each subsequent light to lose voltage. That means that the lights furthest away from the source of the electricity may be significantly dimmer than others. Arizona Electrical Solutions of Los Angeles understands voltage drop. We know how to install landscape lighting in a manner that will reduce voltage drop within your lighting system. Having Arizona Electrical Solutions of Los Angeles install your landscape lighting will ensure your lighting system is protected from the elements and using the proper voltage.


Landscape lighting repair almost always consists of identifying the area in which the electrical wiring has lost power. There are two ways the area of the broken wiring can be located. The first way is to dig up all of the electrical wiring. The second way to determine where the lost connection is located is to use specialized tracing equipment. We have the equipment needed to identify the location of lost connections in the circuit without digging up everything and tearing up your yard in the process.


Our company offers the best in landscape lighting products. Vista, FX & Hadco each have warranties that last for a different length of time. Some warranties will last for five years while others may have a product lifetime guarantee.

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