Appliance Circuits

Appliance Circuits

Appliance Circuits Los Angeles

We all depend upon appliances in our everyday lives. As technology has grown, so have the number of electronic devices we use. This can cause circuits in our homes to become overloaded. There is no way that home builders in the mid 1990’s could have predicted the increase in demand of electricity. Therefore, many of the homes built before the mid 90’s have electrical panels that are not equipped to handle the amount of power we now require. When too much electricity is being used, a circuit becomes overloaded and causes the breaker to be tripped. When a breaker is tripped, electricity no longer works in that part of your home until the breaker switch is flipped back on. You may be able to flip the breaker switch to get the electricity to turn back on. However, there is most likely an underlying issue which has caused the breaker to be tripped.

Dedicated Line

You may want to have a dedicated line setup for one of your appliances such as your microwave range. This will reduce the demand on that particular circuit and increase the amount of electricity that can be used at one time through that same circuit.

Dryers or other Appliances

Does your dryer need 240V instead of 120V? We can help with that too. Many times people purchase a home that has the dryer electrical hookups in a bad location. This can leave you feeling stuck with a dryer in an inconvenient location. We can help you get the power you need for your dryer or any other appliance in any room of your home.

New Appliances & Toys

One of our experienced electricians will know the power requirements for your new appliance. They will also be able to determine the length of wire you need between your breaker box and new appliance. If you need power to be added for something such as spa or hot tub, we will be able to accurately assess the amount of power you will need and install all of the necessary electrical wiring.

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