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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans Los Angeles

Need wiring ran for a ceiling fan? Looking to have a new ceiling fan installed by a licensed electrician? Arizona Electrical Solutions of Los Angeles will be happy to assist you. We are usually able to give a quote over the phone after asking some basic questions. Give us a call.

There are a few things that we need to take into consideration when giving people quotes on ceiling fans.

One of the main things we need to take into consideration is: Are there any supports in the ceiling located right in the middle of the room? If there is nothing to support the weight of the ceiling fan, you will need an expander bar. Expander bars bridge the gap between the part of the ceiling which has rafters to support the weight of the fan and the part of the ceiling that does not. Our well equipped trucks have expander bars on them.

We also need to determine if the area you want the ceiling fan has adequate power. If you already have a light in the spot you want the ceiling fan, it does not necessarily mean you have the right wiring to support a ceiling fan. Lighting uses 14/2 wire, while ceiling fans with lights require 14/3 wire if you want to control them from a light switch. If you are okay with using a remote we can usually stick with the 14/2 wiring. Remotes are great, but you may want to consider the likelihood of the remote getting lost in the future.

What height is the ceiling fan? The higher the fan or further from the ceiling the ceiling fan is, the more it will cost to install the ceiling fan. Our prices are more than competitive.

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