Arc-Fault Breakers

Arc-Fault Breakers

Arc-Fault Breakers Los Angeles

Arc faults are one of the most common reasons electrical fires are started. An Arc fault is when a large amount of power is discharged between two objects that conduct electricity. The electrical discharge caused by an Arc fault is turned into heat which will ultimately cause an electrical fire. There are tens of thousands of electrical fires in the United States each year that are caused by electrical wiring problems.

What can be done to reduce Arc Fault fires?

Traditional breakers will only shut off when a circuit is overloaded or there is a short. The traditional breakers will not shut off if there is an arc-fault. The best way to avoid arc-fault fires is to have arc fault breakers installed in your home. Arc fault circuit breakers will drastically reduce the odds of you having an electrical fire. Arc fault circuit breakers are more sensitive than typical breakers. They are designed to trip (shut off electricity to the circuit supplying power) when an arc fault takes place.

Arizona Electrical Solutions of Los Angeles will upgrade your breakers to arc-fault breakers so your home can be safer. Call us today to schedule a service call. We can have one of our licensed electricians inspect your electrical system and discuss upgrading to Arc fault breakers.

Keep your home safe with properly installed arc-fault breakers.

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